Resumes, Cover Letters and more

cartoon-resume-20947453Here are strong resume and cover letter samples for public relations student and junior level professionals.  Note you should customize your resume and cover letter for EACH position, EACH company…avoid the generic letter or cover.  Also, be sure to save your cover/resume as your FirstNameLastNameResume.doc and FirstNameLastNameCoverLtr.doc.   I have seen far to many ResVer1draft.doc resumes in my agency and academic career!

coverletterPR  – click for a sample cover letter

resumesamplePR  – click link for a sample resume

intern resume sample – good for someone seeking an internship who has not yet interned before

Resume Sample 2016 entry level or internship – great senior in college resume for entry level opportunities

Resume Sample 2 – another effective approach and sample of a great resume if you want to get a job or internship

great Resume 2012 – social media focused resume

PR QuickStart Tutorial for new PR pros and students to brush up their knowledge and skills:

My favorite resources from –

The Perfect Professional Portfolio:

Cal Berkeley’s Career & Internship guide:  (amazing resume samples, cover letters, search strategies, interview tips and more!)

My articles with great tips to chart a path to success:

Resume Essentials & Tips:

How to ace the inteview & get the job:

Managing your college career:

How to be a star intern:


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