How to Ace an Interview

You have a great resume and have found a list of potential employers and contacts.  Now what?  Make the most of the email, phone or in person contact so you can get the job. Keep contact brief and professional.    Check spelling, grammar and content before shooting off a cover email and resume.  Be specific in what you are requesting and get to the point.  Provide a concrete request rather than a general query.  I.e. “I am interested in a job or internship with Public Relations Firm X.  I am available anytime after July 1.  I will contact you on Tuesday … Continue reading How to Ace an Interview


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You are a public relations professional or student who is eager to pursue a dream job or make a career move.  Utilize your expertise for your most important client: YOU!   Here are simple ways to design a customized marketing plan for your career. Ordinarily when creating a public relations plan you should first conduct research. However, for your own plan, your professional aspirations (goal) are a great place to start. OBJECTIVE(s) What is your objective?   I.e. what is your dream job/career/company? RESEARCH Do you possess a realistic view of… Continue reading PUBLIC RELATIONS PLAN FOR NUMBER ONE CLIENT: YOU

Ten Easy and Effective Job Search Strategies

Whether searching for entry-level or more senior work, follow these simple strategies for a more effective job hunt: 1. Just graduated?  If you didn’t begin begin informational interviews start NOW.  Many fiscal budgets may start in July so companies might be amping up staffing.  Keep an eye on agency job sites throughout the month. 2. Don’t just count on popular job or internship sites.  These are great resources that should certainly be used.  However, some of the best jobs or internships aren’t even posted.   If there is an industry or company that appeals to you, pinpoint these companies.  Apply directly to that … Continue reading Ten Easy and Effective Job Search Strategies

Millennial Moms Spend 17 Hours Each Week on Social Networks

Millennial Moms Spend 17 Hours Each Week on Social Networks, Four Hours More Than the Average Mom NEW YORK, June 18, 2013 – Research released today from global public relations firm Weber Shandwick uncovers insights about a digitally-connected and highly influential segment of North American women: Millennial Moms. These women, born between 1978 and 1994 who account for 22 percent of North American moms, are highly connected and spend an average of 17 hours each week on social network sites. “Marketers need to wipe the mom slate clean and recognize the diversity of the mom target. Our research shows that … Continue reading Millennial Moms Spend 17 Hours Each Week on Social Networks

Ten tips for a stress free and successful summer… and LIFE!

After a busy spring and continuing the elusive search for work/life balance, its time to reflect back upon my New Year’s resolutions for leading a happier, healthier and more productive live (at work and at home!).   I’ve been doing pretty well on most fo the tips, but still hoping to adopt a few of these words of wisdom more consistently. Stop complaining. It is easy to dwell on reasons our career, lives and families are challenging, unreasonable or stressful.   Instead of focusing on the negative aspect of work or family life, take control and change your situation for the better. … Continue reading Ten tips for a stress free and successful summer… and LIFE!

HIRING! Travel Public Relations NYC

EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY FOR AN AMBITIOUS AND TALENTED YOUNG PR STAR: A search has been launched to fill a newly created position with a large, multi-city, full service agency with some impressive clients. The agency is hiring a Senior Account Manager for travel and hospitality. They are looking for someone with just about 3 years experience in travel/hospitality PR! Apply to the search firm: Jamie Roberts Staffing Consultant – Creative/Marketing Specialist 212.687.3800 The Creative Group | 125 Park Avenue | 4th Floor | New York | NY 10017 USA | Continue reading HIRING! Travel Public Relations NYC

Best EVER Career Tips

Below are links to my most downloaded recent blog posts which were picked up by PR Daily in case you missed any of them! Enjoy! 10 things you should expect on your first job, PR Daily, May 21, 2013 (reprinted from Feb. 2012) 5 mistakes new managers make (and how to fix them), PR Daily, April 10, 2013 The ultimate resource guide for PR interns, PR Daily, March 25, 2013 12 Tips for Acing Internships, March 25, 2013 (reprinted from May 2012 issue) 12 Dos and Don’ts for Interns, March 25, 2013 (reprinted from March 2012) … Continue reading Best EVER Career Tips

Interns Sue and WIN!

As a university internship coordinator, I frequently see companies providing meaningful internship experiences for our students. Unfortunately, there also are companies who take advantage of the “free” labor of qualified students. I hope the trend towards PAYING interns continues, as we as educators have created rigorous internship programs and academic curriculum where we prepare students to not only learn and their internships, but to immediately contribute to an organization’s success! As such, they should be compensated accordingly! Another issue is the economic implications on students. Some students cannot afford NOT to get paid. I.e. if they are paying for their … Continue reading Interns Sue and WIN!