HIRING: Communication Specialist, Warren, NJ

 Seeking a Communications Specialist (responsible for developing content for our internal/external communications) within our Warren, NJ offices. Send resume/referrals to cindy.mack@knowledgent.com.  Knowledgent is a management consulting firm with mostly financial services clients.     Continue reading HIRING: Communication Specialist, Warren, NJ

PR Passion: Achievement Takes More Than Brains

I took my niece on several college tours and to university open houses.    We met student leaders who were passionate about their field of study and who were aggressively pursuing their career goals.  I was excited about the opportunities available to her.  When I asked how she felt after a recent tour, she replied, “This place sounds HORRIBLE.”  Upon further discussion, she explained that the students she met seemed intimidating, nerdy and absolutely crazy to be excited about staying up until 4:00 a.m. to work on club events and academic projects.  She went on to suggest that the school should … Continue reading PR Passion: Achievement Takes More Than Brains

Beyond the Glam: Realities of Entertainment and Fashion PR Exposed

Also picked up by PR Daily: http://prdaily.com/Main/Articles/10701.aspx Jobs in the entertainment or fashion public relations are highly coveted.  The allure of party planning, record launches, club openings, celebrity-filled events, fashion shows and film premieres is understandable.  However, few young professionals understand the rigors or realities of the entertainment or fashion PR industries. Popular reality television shows like MTV’s “The Hills,” show cast members, such as Heidi and Audrina (both “employed” in entertainment industry PR jobs), partying and drinking at clubs while rubbing shoulders with up-and-coming bands and entertainers.  By encouraging this shallow and reckless image, these shows do a disservice … Continue reading Beyond the Glam: Realities of Entertainment and Fashion PR Exposed

Time Out! Don’t Stress Out.

Public relations is a fast-paced, deadline-oriented industry.  The rigors of balancing multiple projects for multiple clients and colleagues can be overwhelming, especially early on in your career.  I’ll admit I shed a few tears, was stressed, scared and overwhelmed from time to time during the early days of my agency and corporate career.  However, I did learn a few lessons and created some techniques that helped make me a more focused, poised and subsequently more productive and happy professional. Here are a few tips and suggestions for entry-level and senior PR alike. This is PR.  We aren’t doing life-saving surgery, fighting a … Continue reading Time Out! Don’t Stress Out.

Ace the Interview = Get the Job

You have a great resume and have found a list of potential employers and contacts.  Now what?  Make the most of the email, phone or in person contact so you can get the job. Keep contact brief and professional.    Check spelling, grammar and content before shooting off a cover email and resume.  Be specific in what you are requesting and get to the point.  Provide a concrete request rather than a general query.  I.e. “I am interested in a job or internship with Public Relations Firm X.  I am available anytime after January 1.  I will contact you on Tuesday … Continue reading Ace the Interview = Get the Job

On the Job Hunt – May Grads and Summer Interns GET OUT THERE

The Hunt  You have taken all of the steps to ensure a well-rounded college experience and you have built an impressive portfolio of work.  Now you want to land the perfect entry level job or internship/training program for summer.    What can you do to get your perfect resume on the top of the pile? Start early.  For most paid internships, deadlines for summer are as soon as February or March. Apply for positions throughout college and throughout the school year.  While many summer internships or jobs get inundated with candidates in the spring, others have more need and availability throughout the school year. If … Continue reading On the Job Hunt – May Grads and Summer Interns GET OUT THERE