My PR Blunders

Also on PR Daily: I am proud of my public relations agency career accomplishments.  However, my achievements certainly didn’t come without a few mishaps over the years.  Here are a few of my early career misteps and what I learned from them. 1. “This client is a jerk!”  Uh-oh, did we end the conference call connection?  No.   Thankfully only the secretary was still on the other end of the line.  She was someone with whom I had developed a friendly working relationship.  She laughed.  I suspect her boss wouldn’t have been so amused.   Always double check that you have hung up the phone before … Continue reading My PR Blunders


You are a public relations professional or student who is eager to pursue a dream job or make a career move.  Utilize your expertise for your most important client: YOU!   Here are simple ways to design a customized marketing plan for your career. Ordinarily when creating a public relations plan you should first conduct research. However, for your own plan, your professional aspirations (goal) are a great place to start. OBJECTIVE(s) What is your objective?   I.e. what is your dream job/career/company? RESEARCH Do you possess a realistic view of your capabilities? Create a personal SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) to create … Continue reading PUBLIC RELATIONS PLAN FOR NUMBER ONE CLIENT: YOU

SWOT! Your Career Planning Tool

The SWOT analysis is a standard tool for businesses to assess their organization and to identify areas of improvement and opportunity.  Using a SWOT is a great way to assess your own Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.   Create an honest and comprehensive analysis of yourself.  You can then build a personal marketing plan to address your weaknesses and threats; exploit your strengths and capitalize on meaningful career opportunities.  Personal SWOT Basics: Strengths (internal attributes..things you can control and build)  List your personal strengths, what makes you a strong candidate? Strong writer, published several articles in campus newspaper Maintain a daily blog and Twitter account Critical thinker … Continue reading SWOT! Your Career Planning Tool

Facebook Profiles Predict Job Performance! A new study indicates that your Facebook profile might determine how well you’ll do in your career.    Good news…partying photos aren’t so bad after all.   Being well-read is good.  Posting a lot of negative comments…not good. Make sure your profile is employer “friendly.”   Employers might be checking you out online. Be sure to watch the video as it provides a lot more details that could help you too! Continue reading Facebook Profiles Predict Job Performance!