Senioritis? Find a Cure!

The Cure for Senioritis Picked up by PR Daily too!  Enjoy. College seniors are rapidly approaching graduate and many have caught the highly contagious ailment:  senioritis.  However, the classes and experiences one takes during their final semester can have a lasting impact on professional or graduate school aspirations.   Professors, advisors and internship supervisors will remember your performance that final semester and those impressions could impact your grades, chances for recommendation letters and even job offers. Here are some common senioritis symptom and cures: Study slack-off.   You think you are close enough to graduation that slacking off a bit won’t impact … Continue reading Senioritis? Find a Cure!

How to Succeed in Digital/Social PR

As any public relations professional knows….social/digital media is now an essential component to any public relations campaign.  And great news for recent PR graduates:  your strategic social media skills are highly sought after by employers.  Here are  a few of my favorite short articles and tips re. how to leverage your knowledge in this fast-evolving area….and how to succeed when you get there!   Enjoy.  (social media job listings!)   Continue reading How to Succeed in Digital/Social PR

The Beacon Hill Club Hiring PT Communication Administrator/Intern

The Beacon Hill Club, Summit, NJ   Job Title – Communication Administrator PAID Part Time – 2-3 days per week – Flexible +/- 20 hours/week   Skills – • Graphic Design • Web Development • Marketing • Limited Administrative Experience – Tasks: Update & maintain Club website Design of ads for club functions, programs, notifications, etc. Design of Club digital newsletter Send a cover letter and resume to: Bill Clinton, General Manager and  Gayle Wexlor 250 Hobart Avenue Summit, New Jersey 07901 Great opportunity for someone who likes to take initiative! Continue reading The Beacon Hill Club Hiring PT Communication Administrator/Intern

Don’t Let Latecomers Ruin Your Meeting – Harvard Bus.Review

Don’t Let Latecomers Ruin Your Meeting  from the Harvard Business Review  No matter how well you’ve prepared your meeting, things will go wrong. One of the more common disruptions is attendees showing up late. If people belatedly walk in, try these three things: Don’t recap. Resist the temptation to catch up latecomers. Keep moving forward. You can update them afterward. Assign a job. If you sense someone might be late, give her something to do during the meeting. If she has a job, she’s more likely to show up on time. Walk him there. Physically help a chronic latecomer get … Continue reading Don’t Let Latecomers Ruin Your Meeting – Harvard Bus.Review

How to be a great leader. Hint: Don’t be a boss

Article also picked up by PR Daily: In public relations, managing clients, colleagues, media contacts and spokespeople are essential PR functions.   As a fast-paced entrepreneurial industry, motivated young people may get promoted quickly.   While agencies do an excellent job of building staffer knowledge in strategic or skills areas, many companies fail to provide adequate relationship management or leadership training.  Overlooking this critical component of growth is a detriment to staff, clients and may impact individual professional performance or advancement. Throughout my career at some of the world’s largest and niche boutique firms, I witnessed some of the profession’s best PR pros … Continue reading How to be a great leader. Hint: Don’t be a boss

PR Lessons from Presidential Primaries

To celebrate Super Tuesday, here are a few great articles that show how much PR pros can learn from the gaffes of the candidates and pundits during the primaries. Enjoy! Continue reading PR Lessons from Presidential Primaries

Publicity Assistant Opening Simon & Schuster

New York Job Description The Simon & Schuster imprint is seeking a Publicity Assistant to work closely with an Associate Director of Publicity in a very active publicity department with a dynamic publishing program. This is a great opportunity to know learn all aspects of the book publishing process and work on non fiction titles. Responsibilities include administrative duties, as well as involvement in all aspects of publicity campaigns including: Writing; booking tours; and pitching media. Required Skills/Experience Must be organized and have excellent phone and computer skills. Strong written communication is important as well as the ability to multi-task … Continue reading Publicity Assistant Opening Simon & Schuster