Five Ways to Quit Your Job

Five Ways to Quit Your Job  – Also now on PR Daily: One of the few things more nerve-inducing than job hunting, is quitting.   Whether leaving due to a fabulous offer elsewhere, or because you can’t stand your boss, it is wise to maintain a high level of professionalism.  While you might wish to tell your current employer everything you hated about your job and your colleagues, the business environment suggests you take caution.  Your old boss might become a new client, your client might become your boss.  Industry professionals talk, and you don’t want your reputation soiled because … Continue reading Five Ways to Quit Your Job

PR Plan for #1 Client: You

If you can’t do PR for yourself, you really shouldn’t be in PR.   Here is a simple public relations plan template adapted to help you achieve your professional aspirations.  Follow these steps for success! —- Ordinarily when creating a public relations plan you should first conduct research. However, for your own plan, your professional aspirations (goal) are a great place to start. OBJECTIVE(s) What is your objective?   I.e. what is your dream job/career/company? RESEARCH Do you possess a realistic view of your capabilities? Create a personal SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) to create an honest assessment of your skills, abilities, challenges and possibilities. Ask … Continue reading PR Plan for #1 Client: You

Some of the BEST Social Media Tips

Thanks Ragan and PR Daily for compiling these easy to follow tips to improve social media efforts. parsed the text to find the 10 that can really help communicators step up their social media game. 1. Retweet your competition. As much as it may pain you to trumpet information from any other brands or publishers, aggregation is just as much a part of social media as creating original content. “If you’re sharing the best news from everywhere, people will follow you for everything they need to know,” the cheat sheet states. 2. Use hashtags. Whether it’s on Twitter, … Continue reading Some of the BEST Social Media Tips

Stressed Out? Take a Time Out!  Also on PR Daily in June…reposted by request of some of my recent PR graduates!  Enjoy! —- Public relations is a fast-paced, deadline-oriented industry.  The rigors of balancing multiple projects for multiple clients and colleagues can be overwhelming, especially early on in your career.  Here are a few lessons and  techniques to help you be more focused, poised, productive and happy. This is PR.  We aren’t doing life-saving surgery, fighting a war or walking on a tightrope over a pit of ravenous hyenas.  Ok, it may feel like that sometimes, but while the work we do is important and meaningful, generally speaking it … Continue reading Stressed Out? Take a Time Out!