Insider Advice for Young PR Professionals  View this article on PR Daily with additional resource links! Every year I bring PR students to visit NYC firms and in-house corporate communication departments.   I’ve culled insider advice and insights from these meetings, taken from senior executives at award-winning public relations firms and corporations. Advice for Young Professionals: 1.  Strong writing skills  are still essential, especially in the social media era.  The ability to write in clear, concise and brand specific styles is critical.  Hone your skills by blogging, journal writing and reading a variety of media. 2.   Seek out criticism before it comes to you and learn from mistakes.  Don’t … Continue reading Insider Advice for Young PR Professionals

Results-Oriented Networking Made Simple (and social)

Networking is a buzz word in career circles, yet few people truly know how to effectively build a strong network of professional connections.  Utilizing a few simple strategies can help you identify and secure a dream job beyond the exhausting search of job search boards and career sites.  These networking techniques also work well with identifying new business prospects,  employees and professional associates. 1.  Ask yourself where you really want to work and identify the person you’d love to work for.  Check out their blog, read their client releases, follow them on Twitter, Google them, research them on Linked-In.  I’m not telling you to be a stalker, just … Continue reading Results-Oriented Networking Made Simple (and social)

Agency of the Year Winner(s)

Congrats to my Edelman friends for your work that helped make Edelman Large Agency of the Year.  Kudos to my favorite former employers:  Weber Shandwick & Ogilvy PR for their honorable mentions.    Check out the winners in mid-sized, small and boutique categories…what great places to work. Continue reading Agency of the Year Winner(s)

Do you have a can or can’t do attitude?

View this on PR Daily: I recently gave a project to a colleague.  A week later when I checked the status, this  colleague delivered the task, but the quality was not acceptable.  When I asked if she was proud of this work, she stated several reasons that she couldn’t successfully complete the assignment.   My frustration grew, not necessarily because of the lack of quality, but more because of the “can’t do” attitude of this person.  I proceeded to give several simple solutions to overcoming her perceived challenges.   A lack of initiative and problem-solving ability is frequently cited by HR professionals and  corporate friends as their biggest … Continue reading Do you have a can or can’t do attitude?

Using a blog to get a job…and more tips for those on the hunt

Have you applied to dozens of jobs and received no call backs?   Assuming your resume is flawless (tips to get there are at the end of this article), here are some easy ways to get noticed and score an interview. 1. Create and maintain your own blog. This blog should have the purpose of positioning yourself as thought leader in your area of interest (fashion, crisis management, sports, corporate responsibility, etc.).  Use a clean and simple free blog template (like WordPress or Tumblr).    In addition to your articles and tips about topical interests, you can comment or analyze existing news or features (see … Continue reading Using a blog to get a job…and more tips for those on the hunt