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Aspiring and seasoned professionals must stay abreast of the industry trends, news and insights.  Many of these organizations offer free e-newsletter subscriptions.  Content ranges from agency news, free events, webinars, career tips, job leads and in-depth industry analysis.

cc_logo_redesign_outlines_V2-01The Center for Communication is a nonprofit dedicated to bringing more diversity to the media industry and giving students access to influential professionals.   The Center’s offers free seminars, featuring media leaders, who inform college students on the ever-evolving media industry.   Center seminars cover all fields of media, including journalism, television production, documentary and feature filmmaking, social media, magazine and book publishing, advertising, PR and marketing.  Free networking opportunities, webinars and events click here. 

The Museum of Public Relations

The Museum of Public Relations is a non-profit, permanent institution, open to the public, which acquires, conserves, researches, communicates and exhibits the tangible and intangible heritage of the public relations practice for education and research that will help shape its future and inform the public of the practice’s social value.

PR Daily Quick and short news, career tips and insights.  Free daily newsfeed headlines are the perfect and fast way to stay up to date with relevant industry news.  Coverage features insights about social media, communication, crisis management, media relations, events, training and much more!

January, PR Buyer’s Guide/Crisis Comms.odwer mag
February, Environmental PR & Public Affairs
March, Food & Beverage PR
April, Broadcast Media Svcs. & Social Media PR
May, PR Firm Rankings  by size and specialty area
June, Multicultural/Diversity & Int’l PR
July, Travel & Tourism PR
August, Financial PR/IR & Prof. Svcs. P
September, Beauty/Fashion & Lifestyle PR
October, Healthcare & Medical PR
November: Technology PR
December: Entertainment & Sports PR


Institute for PR Home Page

The American Marketing Association Members of the American Marketing Association are dedicated professionals who work, teach and study in the field and have a passion for advancing the industry. Content comes from scholarly journals, like the Journal of Marketing, and publications, like Marketing News, the AMA offers perspectives to provide marketing trends and insights. Enjoy a series of free webinars here.

Hubspot Academic offers a series of free certifications and online training webinars for social media marketing, inbound marketing, SEO, digital advertising, analytics, email marketing and more. From quick, practical courses to comprehensive certifications,

Hubspot offers free training for resume and career friendly business skills. Click here for full course offerings.

The Hootsuite blog is good resource for anyone working with social media marketing. The blog covers topics from how to collect and analyze social media data, examples of companies that use social media well, content marketing, and pretty much anything you need to know about using specific social media platforms for optimal results. Hootsuite also offers trend reports, tips, research and more. Additional Hootsuite insights and resources here.

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