HIRING! Healthcare & Pharma PR NJ

Coyne PR is looking for those who want to join with them in their mission to be the best place to work in the world! We believe that the best people want to come together to create something different; even better than they can imagine. A place where people treat each other like family members and support the team no matter what the challenge. Don’t come here because Coyne Public Relations, is one of the top 15 public relations independent agencies in the United States. Don’t come here as a stop along the tracks in your career. Don’t come here to expect a typical company. Please join the family that is Coyne; be part of something that matters; help us help our clients thrive in their businesses, help us help our social causes that we donate time to support each day and help us keep our ideal alive that you can have it all – a great career and a great life!

Coyne PR is looking for candidates in our New Jersey Headquarters office who believe that great communications can change the world. We want Account Executives, Senior Account Executives and Account Supervisors who have passion and expertise in Pharma and/or Healthcare. You will work with clients that are recognized leaders in this industry. You must have strong account expertise, leadership skills and a desire to hustle as our practice continues to grow.

We would like to meet people who are tired of their job and looking for a job that inspires them. It is less about your title but more about your passion. We want to hear from you to meet us and talk about joining our team. Candidates should really care about people, really care about client service at a different level and love to be creative!


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