Ten Reasons to Love PR on Valentine’s Day and Every Day


Dear public relations:

What better time than Valentine’s Day than to reflect on all of the things we love about this industry.

Here are my top 10 reasons why PR is a great career path:

1. Stability

Public relations jobs consistently rank as top careers in national media polls, government census statistics, industry associations and business analyst reports. Few careers can boast continued growth during an economic recession.

2. Opportunities

The entrepreneurial nature of public relations work is invigorating. Great ideas and sound strategic thinking are welcome at all levels of the business. As such, if you take initiative and show how your great ideas will positively impact business, you can truly carve out a niche for yourself and advance accordingly.

3. Excitement

You’ll never be bored in public relations. It is an ever-evolving industry and the fast-paced environment ensures you won’t be sedentary. From social media marketing to event production, to media training and beyond—the creative, strategic and tactical work you might do is never the same on any given day. If you thrive on variety, this career is perfect for you.

4. Impact

Marketing, advertising, promotion, sales and public relations disciplines are rapidly integrating.   With traditional silos blurring, public relations professionals are increasingly leading business and marketing strategy, and earning the respect of the C-suite executives. There is nothing more rewarding than helping an organization overcome business challenges.

5. Results

There is great satisfaction in seeing the results of your hard work. Whether you earn a “Today” show segment, boost social engagement, see an increase in website traffic or drive qualified sales leads, knowing that you are the reason your client or company exceeded its goals is incredibly gratifying.

6. Learning

You never stop learning in the public relations field. Public relations requires a great deal of intellectual curiosity. Whether conducting research for a new project, trouble shooting a client issue or interacting with a dizzying cast of characters (colleagues, clients, journalists, influencers, consumers, trade groups, etc.), you become smarter and more aware of the world every day.

7. Perks

For dedicated public relations professionals, the intellectually stimulating hard work outweighs any public relations perks. But it certainly can be fun to work with your favorite celebrity, travel to exotic locales, sample cool new products or dine at the hottest new restaurant.

8. Camaraderie

Some of your best friends in life are likely to be those with whom you have worked. I know many public relations professionals who have met their future spouse or who maintain lifelong friendships with colleagues and clients.

9. Meaning

Public relations, when conducted ethically and responsibly, is not about “spin” or pitching nonsense stories to uninterested media. There are thousands of examples in which public relations helps raise awareness, funding and educates audiences about serious issues, causes and organizations. Legitimate public relations professionals promote businesses that make positive impacts on society.

10. Anything and everything

Public relations skills apply to virtually every industry and interest area, providing endless opportunities to merge personal and professional interests. Are you a music junky? Pursue a career promoting bands or record labels. How about sports? You may wish to become a sports information director or corporate communication professional for a sports team.

Love a great debate? Issues and crisis management are essential public relations functions.

Interested in science? Healthcare public relations jobs abound.

Do you want to help people? Non-profit or corporate social responsibility careers are rewarding options. The opportunities are endless. No idea what to do? Work at a public relations firm where you work across several industry sectors.

Join me in giving a Valentine’s Day toast to our passion for public relations.


A PR Pro and Professor

P.S. Enjoy my Valentine’s Day PR Love Letter on PR Daily too!  http://www.prdaily.com/Main/Articles/10831.aspx



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