HIRING! Non-Profit PR and Social Media Intern NJ

Wafa House Internship


Organization Overview:


Wafa House is a 501c3 Not for Profit agency. Wafa House, established in 2004, has a main objective of maintaining a facility that will strengthen and reinforce the family unit while emphasizing the value of human life through intervention and community awareness. The agency is dedicated to educating and empowering each member of the family, consequently cultivating a prosperous and healthy community. All services are provided free of charge and in complete confidence to anyone/everyone irrespective of their creed, ethnic, or socio-economic background. http://www.wafahouse.org

Wafa House

Internship Program Requirements/Job Description:

Wafa House is looking for interns in the following areas: Marketing, Fundraising, Communications.

We are looking for interns to help expand our current volunteer base, fundraising platform, raise awareness, and stabilize social media marketing. We are looking for innovative and knowledgeable young professionals to not only assist in, but lead projects in the above mentioned areas. Interning with Wafa House would be a great opportunity to apply classroom education to real world scenarios, while furthering  a truly inspiring and necessary mission: to strengthen and preserve the family unit. Wafa House assists over 900 clients annually in the areas of Domestic Violence, Emergency Aid, Recovery Workshops, Legal Assistance, Agency referrals and more. By working at Wafa House, interns will also be exposed to the nature of not-for-profit work and witness first hand, the positive effects of group effort.

Flexible Scheduling. 2-4 days per week/10-15 hours per week.

Intern responsibilities include:

The intern will meet with an onsite supervisor upon hire to create a specific project plan and milestone goals for the semester (or length of internship). The project plan itself will rely heavily on input from the intern. Project plans will depend on the expertise and area of study for the intern (preferably in the areas of marketing, fundraising, public relations or communications).

The intern will meet with onsite supervisor once a week to review updates, project progress and necessary adjustments. At a successful close of the internship, the intern should be able to add real world progress to his/her portfolio.


Preferred Majors: Marketing, Communications, Business, Public Relations

Social Media and Marketing Intern/ Public Relations and Communications Intern (preferred but not required)

–         Video Editing Skills

–         Maintain and Promote Social Media

–        Ability to create awareness campaign utilizing current and new social media platforms

–        Ability to create marketing materials including but not limited to flyers, promotional videos etc.

–         Promote Wafa House to local news and business

–         Create organization newsletters for donor base

–         Track progress of projects and analyze data

–         Excellent written and verbal skills


Fundraising Intern

–         Brainstorm ideas for consistent and sustainable funding sources

–         Research new sources for fundraising, grant acquisition

–        Lead fundraising/awareness project under supervision from Wafa House staff

–        Track progress and analyze data

–        Excellent written and verbal skills

Application details:

All qualified individuals who wish to be considered for this position must submit, a cover letter in addition to their resume, indicating position sought.

Contact: Amel Khalil

Email: amel.khalil@wafahouse.org


Possible travel stipend.

PO BOX 2102
CLIFTON, NJ 07015-2102


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