Hiring! 15 Social Change, CSR and Advocacy PR Firms

From advocacy to social change and corporate social responsibility, more and more public relations professionals are harnessing the power of persuasion for causes and issues that matter to society.  Following are 15 small integrated marketing communication and public relations firms that are doing meaningful work.  Many of these companies are hiring so check out the websites for opportunities to join a firm that is working with integrity, heart and grit to make society and the world better!

Anat Gerstein Inc. – We are a full-service communications firm that works exclusively with nonprofits, big and small. Our clients represent a range of organizations: social service, health care, education, youth, cultural, business and community development, advocacy, and more. Our team consists of practiced professionals with comprehensive expertise in nonprofit communications, media relations, policy and advocacy, government relations, and corporate communications.  http://anatgerstein.com/   Long Island City, NY.

Blue Practice is a full service communications studio that has brought the value of sustainability-focused communications to scores of innovative and purpose-driven thought leaders, companies, and causes. Founded in 2006, Blue Practice prides itself on creating and sharing the stories that propel positive change.  http://www.bluepractice.com/   San Francisco, CA.

Caplan Communications – a full-service strategic communications and advocacy group whose mission-based practice specializes in the environment, human rights and other issues in the public interest.   We also offer branding, social media and marketing consultation, and a comprehensive media training practice for all clients. http://www.caplancommunications.com/   Rockville, MD.

Cause Consulting – a social impact strategy and communications firm dedicated to helping companies simultaneously strengthen business + impact society. We collaborate with companies of all sizes to create unique signature cause and leadership programs, develop CSR strategies and execute initiatives in local, national and global markets.  http://causeconsulting.com/   Boston, MA.

Communications4Good – We are a sustainability communications agency creating insight-driven strategies for clients who address environmental, social and economic challenges. Our team of skilled professionals works with early-stage and established companies, NGOs, non-profits and governments to devise and implement programs that are authentic, transparent and compelling. Services include strategic direction, go-to-market communications plans, launches, category creation, brand positioning, messaging and more. http://www.communications4good.com/    Santa Cruz, CA.

Cone Communications – At Cone Communications, we believe building successful brands and making a positive impact on the world is not mutually exclusive.   In fact, doing both is what drives us. We have a 36-year history of developing inspiring consumer, cause and sustainability campaigns to prove it.  Explore and discover our unique blend of innovative communications and industry-leading corporate responsibility strategies that sets us apart from others.   http://www.conecomm.com/   Boston, MA and New York, NY.

Crosby – At Crosby, we develop integrated marketing communications programs that help our clients positively impact people’s lives by driving engagement, behavior change, and desired actions.  Our work touches the lives of virtually everyone in America – through programs for government agencies, healthcare organizations, nonprofits, causes, and businesses that believe in the power of doing good. http://www.crosbymarketing.com/. Annapolis and Bethesda, MD.

Fenton – Fenton is a social change communications agency. We use the power of stories, media and technology to make the world a better place. Our clients are nonprofits, foundations and companies pioneering true sustainability. Our campaigns change behavior, advance policy, build communities and transform thinking. Using a range of communications tools—pr, advertising, social media, video, design, research and everything in between—we build campaigns that create lasting change. http://www.fenton.com/  New York, NY,  Washington, DC., San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA.

McPherson Strategies – We are McPherson Strategies, a communications consultancy founded by serial connector and sustainability expert Susan McPherson. McPherson Strategies develops, amplifies and communicates social responsibility and philanthropic initiatives. We help companies, nonprofits, foundations and social entrepreneurs influence stakeholders and reach influencers. We do it because we believe business is a force for good — and that sustainability is good for business.  http://www.mcpstrategies.com/   New York, NY.

Momentum Communications Group – Momentum Communications Group is a team of award-winning public relations experts in nonprofit and education. With more than two decades of collective experience in education and nonprofit PR, the Momentum team provides communications solutions that elevate client reputations and influence stakeholder decisions. Momentum’s mission is to empower neglected voices, highlighting impactful campaigns.  http://www.momentum-cg.com/  New York, NY.

Point Taken PR – Through the development of a comprehensive marketing and public relations strategy, Point Taken outlines your corporate, nonprofit or small business goals and develop strategic messaging to support those goals. Each tactic used in your individualized plan supports the overall messaging and business goals of your corporation, small business or nonprofit organizationhttps://pointtakenpr.com/  Jacksonville, FL.

Ripple Strategies – is a purpose-driven communications agency that designs and implements media campaigns that accelerate positive social change. Since 2003, Ripple has been helping our mission-driven clients harness the power of the media — in all of today’s forms — to achieve their goals and promote the greater good. This isn’t just our job. We genuinely care about our clients and their visions for social change.  http://www.ripplestrategies.com/   Boulder, CO.

Target Cue – an LGBT and HIV focused public relations and communications firm. Target Cue’s founder Cathy Renna is nationally recognized as both a media relations and communications expert and a leader within the LGBTQ community.  She played a critical role in media related to nearly every issue affecting LGBTB populations, from high visibility issues like marriage equality and the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” to being the force behind creating more visibility for older LGBT people, homeless LGBT youth, transgender youth and a host of other populations and issues. http://targetcue.com/  Montclair, NJ.

3BL Media – At 3BL Media, we provide a variety of communications services for organizations to tell their CSR and sustainability stories. Our combination of global content distribution networks and editorial platforms ensure broad exposure to targeted stakeholders. Our expertise in digital content marketing and multi-channel distribution ensures our clients have the greatest influence, impact and reach with their messaging.  http://3blmedia.com/  Northhampton, MA.

Vanguard Communications – For us, this means we put our clients, their audiences, our co-workers and our partners first. We listen. We collaborate. We build. We deliver.  We are a relationship-driven firm that digs into culture, community and individual experiences to bring to life the big ideas that change lives. Collaborations with clients often entail bringing difficult issues into the mainstream and championing modern-day causes calling for leadership. https://www.vancomm.com/   Washington, DC.


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