HIRING! Social Media Manager NJ

Today’s Business


A full-service digital marketing agency located in Northern New Jersey with expertise in advertising, branding, and all things digital.  We believe in building relationships with our clients.  We form excellent work for our clients in healthcare, real estate, food and beverage and consumer goods industries.  Our clients count on us for commitment, excellence, hard work and results.


We are looking for a candidate that is eager to break into the world of social media marketing.  You live, breathe and sleep everything social media.  You cringe of people posting instagrams at 7 AM because you know that instagram posting is an art. You have great time management skills and attention to detail.  A Community Manager is the voice behind our client’s social media, managing communications in both directions.  This digital savvy candidate is responsible for all communications, social media, and content creation, among other things. Our community managers are the expert in defining, understanding and connecting with each social platform’s unique community.


  • Writes engaging and creative social content for client’s social media pages on a monthly basis, utilizing content pools as well as new content creation
  • Oversees social media interns’ weekly tasks, revise their content calendars on a monthly basis, and assist with any questions that interns may have regarding their assigned clients
  • Communicates with Account Managers in regards to client’s social media successes and areas of improvements
  • Analyzes clients’ weekly analytics
  • Review and edit clients content calendars on a monthly basis
  • Assists Creative Director and Account Managers in market research, market strategy, and competitive analysis throughout the development of a Brand Bible
  • Creates and schedule posts as needed by clients on a short-term basis
  • Manages a variety of client’s social media accounts and provide weekly reports to Account Managers
  • Update the Brand Bibles to continue to enhance the brand of each client; this can include new company information, useful content to post on platforms, and anything else of relative importance
  • Manages branding through various social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, and Tumblr)
  • Trains Content Creators on assigned clients and revises their content calendars on a monthly basis


  • Advanced knowledge of the following social media platforms: Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr
  • Social Media Marketing experience preferred
  • Strong written and communication skills
  • Strong managerial skills
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Strong computer skills (Microsoft Word, Excel)
  • Familiar with social media programs preferred (Sprout Social, Raven Tools, Teamwork, Google Drive)
  • Communications, Marketing, and Business Management majors preferred

Weekly Tasks

  • Check the weekly tasks from the previous weeks; record and address any missed tasks with the intern or content creator responsible for the client
  • Monitor the response feed of all of the client’s engagement one day per week
  • Send all necessary questions needing a response to the client and remove address any negative comments
  • Check clients’ review pages twice per week and address any negative reviews
  • Attend weekly community manager meeting to discuss the intern of the week, issues and development of the internship program, content creator progress, client updates, and any other necessary topics
  • Attend weekly Campaign Success Meetings to review the progress of each clients’ campaign strategies
  • Attend weekly Team Meeting

 Monthly Tasks

  • Review Content Calendars on a monthly basis
  • Distribute and coordinate bi-monthly evaluations for the interns that you are responsible for overseeing
  • Check all clients’ Facebook and Twitter accounts after their posts have been scheduled to ensure that there are no mistakes for the following month
  • Send the Website Developer a document of all posts that should be promoted for each of your clients
  • Provide input and resources to Graphic Design Team in regards to monthly custom graphic ideas

As Needed

  • Create and post on-the-fly content as requested by the particular client on all of their social media platforms
  • Address and manage any crises regarding interns, content creators, and post edits that could be potentially damaging to the reputation of Today’s Business and/or one of our clients
  • Notify the appropriate intern or Content Creator of any issues that have been discovered in order to avoid future crises
  • Assign social media critiques to content creators and/or interns for potential future clients
  • Update the Brand Bibles to continue to enhance the brand of each client; this can include new company information, useful content to post on platforms, and anything else of relative importance
  • Train interns and content creators so that they are able to fully grasp the brand tone of their assigned clients and are able to use and understand each social media platform
  • Add new leads to the Leads Sheet
  • Attend the internal marketing meeting of new clients that you are assigned

Pine Brook, NJ

To apply: http://tbsmo.com/about/careers/



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