HIRING! Social Media Specialist NJ

  • Writer / Social Media Specialist
  • Preferred Business Systems is dedicated to offering a full line of office automation equipment representing the latest in technology.   Are you the right person to be the marketing/Social media specialist for a local company?
  • It is important that you are knowledgeable and familiar with different social media platforms such as:
    Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Tumblr…. Our audience awaits your encouragement and
    communication to create the relationships to help build our Services and products to engage people to
    use our services. You will have the chance to develop and our own form of Social media campaign with
    full rights.
     Be a fantastic writer.
     You need to be a fanatic about spell checking and typo’s.
     Research is second nature for you, organizing, and presenting that information in layman’s terms.
     You should have experience with direct response marketing but tone it down for a more middle of
    the road audience when necessary.
     Digital literacy is a requirement.
     Emails campaigns will need to be created that inspire the readers to take action and engage.
     Proficient with Microsoft and adobe products.
     Direct Response marketing is important but we will help you be great at it so don’t worry.
     Create your own strategy that will help sales and provide client information about current/future
    events, alerts, and company info.
     Choose the tools you need to help perform this the most convenient way for you.
     If you don’t know any of this, or you can at least guess at it, or you want to learn, you should do
    just fine with us.
    Not a requirement but would be advantageous for you if you knew how to build playlists and used
    annotations and cards.
  • PHONE – Should be comfortable. Once in a while you may have to be on the phone to interview someone
    or talk about customer experiences or maybe even talk with a customer. You need to be good with that
    part of the job.
  • Responsibilities may include:
     Assists and supports the Sales and Service strategies in support of organizing, overall branding.
     Monitors and updates social media platforms, updates, and develops creative ways to effectively
    support campaigns.
     Writes and edits accurate and timely communications materials and graphics
     Compiles reports on analytics.
     Provides relevant content for website.
     Assists in new media channels of communication including, blogs, databases and recommends
    any necessary programming changes..
     Ability to write and develop communications materials in, but not required.
  • Skills and Qualifications:
    1. Able to write, prepare and edit in a creative and clear manner.
    2. Good oral communication skills.
    3. Good listening and interpersonal skills.
    4. Good command of written communication to meet intended objectives.
    5. Familiarity with Photo Shop and other graphic editing tools.
    6. Understands the principles and practices of communications.
    7. Familiarity with principles of the labor movement is desired, but not required.
    8. Desire to learn about political organizing.
    9. Understanding of various data and social media platforms
    10. Attention to detail and accuracy.
    11.Quality minded; motivated to seek out errors and inquire when something appears inaccurate.
    Please email your cover letter and resume to
  • http://www.pbscompany.com/
  • Matthew Pepe
    Preferred Business Systems, Inc
    20 Leslie Court
    Whippany, NJ 07981

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