HIRING! Social Media, PR, Digital Communication Intern NJ

Digital Communications Intern for Oasis


Seeking a soon to be junior or senior in college who is knowledgeable in the field of digital and social media marketing to maintain and implement a digital communications plan maximizing the exposure and mission of Oasis.

The mission of Oasis is to change the lives of women and children by breaking the cycle of poverty through compassionate programs designed to feed, clothe, educate and empower women and children in need.



To maintain, implement, and regularly revise a digital communications plan, which includes regular upkeep of various social media platforms and the creation/ dissemination of an Oasis promotional video campaign that maximizes the voice of Oasis on multiple channels.


  • Implement social media strategy for Oasis
    • Review baseline statistics for Oasis social media efforts (Hootsuite, Twitter Analytics, etc.)
    • Analyze and grow efforts to diversify social media support
    • Work with Oasis Development Team to coordinate efforts with departmental engagement and fundraising campaigns

Social Media strategy includes but is not limited to:

  1. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube
    1. Review all drafts with Development Team prior to posting
  2. Creation of online surveys to obtain feedback and generate ideas e.g. digital recruitment of fundraising by high school students looking for college resume initiatives, i.e. zoomerang
  3. YouTube channel updates of Oasis programs and activities
    1. Intern will shoot and post all video assets, monitor comments, etc.
    2. Video releases must be obtained and managed for legal protection
  4. Manage photo library online for Oasis
    1. Take daily photos for social channels, website, blog, etc.
    2. Photo releases must be obtained and managed for legal protection
  • Develop tactical plan for promotional video campaign based on a strategic assessment of audience
  • Define audience(s)
  • Identify channels for each audience
    • Consider standard channels – email blast, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Oasis website
  • Conduct a strategy assessment using tools such as Google Trends, Google Insights to determine keywords that are common for online giving so the right audience can find Oasis and the promotional videos
  • Determine digital endpoint/goal, e.g. increase in Facebook likes, postings, website click through rates, etc.
  • Embed ability of campaign to encourage sharing
  • Following the development of the tactical plan, determine placement of promotional video asset
  • Generate ideas for push strategy, eg:
    • Push video to Gala attendees post event
    • Push video via local all-girls school students (Mary Help, IHA, AHA) – appeal to Principal, hours for community services for a certain number of likes, etc.
    • Push to current supporters to add Oasis as one of socially redeemable associations in all social media profiles while sharing videos with other peers
    • Connect via phone with specific local organizations (clubs in Montclair, Wayne) to research points of contacts with greatest potential
  • Execute the plan for the push strategy with a focus on metrics
  • Initial analysis of digital footprint and all digital vehicles.

Semester Expectations:

  • Review Oasis’ digital presence
  • Maintain and grow Oasis social media presence
  • Determine the conversion rate goal (the number of visitors that take the action desired) for video campaign
  • Weekly repeat assessments of analytics to document any observable change and feedback that is incremental
  • At end of semester, repeat initial assessment of Oasis online presence
    • Utilize Hootsuite, Twitter Analytics, Google trends, Google insights
    • Determine the conversion rate (the number of visitors that take the action desired)
    • Identify key content pages with Google analytics/content
  • Compare initial assessment to endpoints
  • Prepare final report for Development Team which includes a recap of Oasis’ online presence from beginning to end of semester.

Paid/Stipend for a strong candidate!

To apply, please contact Kathleen Long at kathleenlong@oasisnj.org or at 973-881-8307 ext. 105


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