HIRING! Social Media and Editorial PAID Intern Beauty, Health, Fitness

Editorial & Social Media Intern

  • Publication Type: Content Website
  • Publication Name: Spa Week Daily
  • Location: New York City
  • Job Description:

    Are you obsessed with health, wellness, fitness and beauty? Do look for any chance to hit the spa or try new workouts and beauty treatments? We’re looking for a social media savvy, creative and self-motivated intern with excellent writing skills to join our NYC-based team. You’ll be working with the daily lifestyle blog of a national spa marketing company, covering everything from spa topics to health, fitness, beauty and more.

    Must be in NYC or able to commute at least 3 days/wk.

    What you’ll experience:

    • Learning to pitch and develop ideas and features
    • Collaborating with a small team in a fast-paced editorial environment
    • Opportunities to review products, fitness classes, books, and spa treatments
    • Building blog posts in the CMS
    • Researching and fact-checking health and wellness topics
    • Working with an editor on SEO and headlines

    Social Media:

    • Contacting and maintaining relationships with PR reps
    • Staging, taking, and editing photos, including product shots, for editorial features and social media
    • Planning and executing social media events, such as Twitter chats and giveaways
    • Working with analytics to develop social media strategies
    • Planning, scheduling, and tracking posts on multiple social media platforms

    Required skills:
    *This internship involves a blend of editorial, marketing, and social media. Excellent writing and communication skills are an absolute must.*

    • CMS experience (we use WordPress)
    • Familiarity with social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest
    • Strong eye and excellent visual taste (we take in-house photos for editorial features and social media)
    • Strong interest in health, wellness, beauty and fitness
    • Strong writing skills and ability to connect with online audiences
    • Must be team-oriented, sociable and comfortable reaching out to PR reps and other contacts
    • Basic photo editing skills — Photoshop proficiency and ability to crop and resize photos

    Interested candidates please e-mail cover letter, resume and writing samples to editorialstaff.manager@gmail.com.

  • Hourly Rate:: 8.75
  • Job Application Contact Name: Melissa Rogers
  • Job Application Contact Email: editorialstaff.manager@gmail.com

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