Coyne PR Hiring! Paid Interns and UP! Many positions! NY and NYC

To see all Coyne PR openings:

Award-Winning PR Agency | Coyne Public Relations

Our internships in one of the many practices areas/account teams are designed to give students the opportunity to participate in a variety of PR projects. You will compile “today’s news,” put together clip logs, media kits and mailings, have the opportunity to learn about and potentially pitch stories to the media, and write media alerts and/or press releases. Our primary goal is to provide a meaningful experience for students to participate in different areas, contribute to different functions and learn about the various aspects of public relations.

If you are a creative design student, we also have an internship available in our state-of-the-art graphic design studio, where we employ graphic designers, flash designers, and multi-media and video professionals.

What are the specific details?

  • Interns are assigned to a specific team, though they may work on different projects or events if other teams have a need.
  • We pay our interns $8.00 an hour and will work with your University or college in order for you to receive credit for your internship experience, since credit requirements are set by your institution.
  • Hours are flexible and we work with your class schedule. The average week is 15-25 hours.
  • Most internships are in our Parsippany, NJ office, although there are opportunities in our Manhattan and Los Angeles locations.
  • It’s easy to apply- just submit a resume and cover letter to//

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