HIRING: Paid PR Executive Training Ruder Finn Nov. 22 Deadline

One of the public relations industry’s best PAID executive training program.  This is a full time program for recent graduates.  An amazing opportunity to build your skills, gain experience and work for an award-winning global public relations firm.

Ruder Finn’s paid Executive Training Program is well known throughout the public relations industry. This program, which is more than thirty years old, is offered three times a year in our New York City headquarters.

The Executive Training Program is for recent college graduates who are interested in exploring a career in public relations.

  • Many of our new trainees have little to no prior experience in the field.
  • Executive Trainees work full time, 35 hours per week, and attend weekly classes.

There is no set number of Executive Trainees per session. The class size varies widely from session to session. We receive the largest number of ET applications for the summer program.

Download the brochure:  http://www.ruderfinn.com/careers/pdf/executive-training.pdf

Application details:  http://www.ruderfinn.com/careers/executive-training-program/apply.html

Spring 2014 start dates February 10, 2014 – May 30, 2014 DEADLINE EXTENDED: November 22, 2013
Summer 2014 start dates June 16, 2014 – September 26, 2014 in our hands February 7, 2014

Executive Trainees gain exposure to every facet of the public relations business. Ruder Finn educates Trainees on the fundamental skills of public relations, including:

  • writing,
  • media monitoring,
  • media relations,
  • social media,
  • special event planning,
  • new business presentation, and more.

Executive Trainees are typically assigned to a specific practice area of the Agency.

Ruder Finn’s practice areas

  • RFI Studios
  • Technology
  • Consumer
  • Corporate Communications
  • Healthcare

Executive Trainee classes

Classes are held every day for the first week of the Executive Training Program. After the first week, classes are held once a week during the course of the regular workday. Classes feature lectures by staff experts, discussions emphasizing the fundamental skills of public relations, and experiential workshops.

Executive Trainee pay

Executive Trainees work full time and are paid based on an annual salary of $24,000, which is pro-rated for the four months of the Program. Trainees do not receive benefits during  this time. Program graduates hired as assistant account executives are hired at a competitive salary and begin to receive benefits immediately.

Living in New York

Ruder Finn does not provide living quarters, but can suggest resources to help Trainees find housing and roommates. Trainees sometimes rent apartments together; a list of all Trainees for the session is sent to participants as early as possible.


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