Five Mistakes New Managers Make (and how to fix them)

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Mistakes New Managers Make (and how to fix them)

Motivated and capable young professionals may get promoted quickly into supervisory positions. However, many companies fail to provide adequate relationship management or leadership training.   New managers frequently make significant errors which not only undermine their authority, but hurt company morale and productivity.

1)      Snarky syndrome.  Many new managers are overwhelmed with their own work.  Supervisory and client management responsibilities add addition stress which often results in the manager interacting with colleagues in an abrupt or condescending manner.  While not intentional, the tone and nature of interpersonal communication has a significant impact on those around you.

2)      Delegating without providing context.   Managers too often give task-based assignments without sharing the long-term strategic plan or business implications.  Taking the time to explain the importance and relevance of even the most mundane tasks will help colleagues work hard to help…

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