REALLY Need A Job? Follow my simple steps!

Do you need a job and are tired of browsing endlessly on or careerbuilder?  The best jobs aren’t published on career centers or job boards.  Here is how I’ve always earned my dream career opportunities:


1. Identify a target list of companies you REALLY like and admire.

2. Find the contact information of the person you REALLY want to work for (not the HR manager).

3. Follow the company and executive on Twitter, Linked-In, etc.

4. Read as much news about the company as possible.

5. REALLY do your research: review career skills, clients, cases, etc.

6. Identify a business opportunity or idea for this company.

7. Carefully construct a customized cover letter, PITCH letter to the executive identifying your interest, ideas and expertise. Explain how and why you would immediately make an impact on the organization.  Craft a blog post, pitch letter, mini-marketing plan or other relevant material that the organization could and SHOULD use.

8. Attach your customized resume too!

9. Have a trusted friend or mentor proofread and review your materials.

10.  Don’t just send an email. Executives are inundated.  Instead send a package snail mail or FEDX.

Ask for an opportunity for a job shadow day or even a small assignment where you can prove your worth!   If you are truly a potential star and have come up with some great ideas, you will likely get a call.  Any visionary organization will recognize your initiative and talents.  Now stop reading and REALLY get to work!


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