HIRING! Paid Travel PR Internships


Development Counsellors International (DCI) is the leader in marketing places. Our exclusive Place Marketing Internship Program offers aspiring destination marketers the opportunity to gain unmatched experience by working with cities, regions, states and countries including Dubai, Scotland, Thailand, California, Puerto Rico and Charleston, SC. Since 1960, we have represented 400+ places helping them to attract both investors and visitors.

DCI’s Place Marketing Internship Program places candidates in prime position for full-time hire. In fact, many place marketing trainees have transitioned into full-time employees. The program is open to college seniors, recent graduates and graduate students.

Aspiring place marketers will get first-hand experience in areas such as:

  • economic development
  • tourism marketing
  • business development
  • travel trade marketing
  • social media
  • media pitching
  • research
  • group and individual projects
  • professional development

DCI’s Place Marketing Internship Sessions are conducted three times a year and we typically hire 5-7 interns per session for positions across all divisions. The sessions are 12 weeks with an option to extend to a total of 16 weeks.

Place Marketing Internship Sessions:

  • January  –  April
  • June  –  August
  • September – November

Professional Development Sessions

A supportive setting from the very start, the Place Marketing Internship Program commences with a two-day orientation highlighting a company overview, tips for success, and informational sessions with DCI division leaders and current full-time staff that have successfully transitioned from the intern program to full-time employment.

In addition, bi-weekly educational sessions are conducted by DCI staff members and other industry experts on such as topics as:

  • Social Media
  • Media Pitching (verbal and written)
  • Special Event Planning
  • Creativity and Brainstorming

Interns also participate in monthly staff meetings and brainstorming sessions.  At the end of the program, interns are required to conduct a presentation about their experience at DCI.

Pay and Hours

DCI pays a competitive stipend of $200/week and/or college credit. Positions are full time (35-40 hours/week).

How to Apply

Our clients are diverse and so is our staff of 40+ professionals. We encourage all qualified aspiring marketers to apply. Send your resume, writing samples and letter of recommendation to internship@aboutdci.com.


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