MANY Magazine Jobs and Internships: Great Site Ed2010

If you want to work in magazines, in any capacity, you should know about Ed2010.  Check out the site overview and links below.    New leads are posted nearly every day!  Happy Hunting!

Magazine Row

All of Ed’s jobs are word of mouth, and unless it says “OK to mention Ed,” don’t say you heard about the job from Ed! Ed always posts as much as he knows, so if you don’t see contact info, it’s because Ed doesn’t have any—use your sharp reporting skills to track down a contact. Here’s where you get new listings.

On Twitter? Follow Ed. He’ll post jobs and magazine industry news at

Publishing may be going through a lot of changes and the economy may be tough, but Ed’s still a firm believer in the vitality of magazines. Jobs are a bit harder to find, but they are still out there. So keep the faith, Edsters!

For internships go to Ed on Campus


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