Jobless? Volunteer Your Way to A Full-time Career

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Volunteer Into a New Career Path

Overwhelmed with job hunting?   Getting discouraged by the lack of call backs from the dozens of resumes you’ve sent out?  Instead of getting dispirited, get to work.  Stop cyber-spamming employers and start volunteering. There are thousands of organizations where you can showcase your value.  Following is a step by step guide to identifying and securing a meaningful volunteer position which can move your closer to paid employment opportunities.

Carefully select an organization based on your interests and capabilities. These may include:

·         Non-profits

·         Non-government organizations

·         Schools

·         Churches

·         Chambers of Commerce

·         Convention & Visitors’ Bureaus

·         Municipal offices

·         Economic development centers

·         Hospitals

Once you have targeted an organization, review volunteer policies.  Consider areas the organization needs help.   Create your own position based on your professional knowledge and abilities.   As a professional communicator, you can showcase your value in several ways:

·         Revamp and manage social media efforts

·         Design and/or write newsletters

·         Handle fundraising efforts

·         Support event planning and marketing

·         Create a media relations plan

·         Train and mentor other volunteers, clients or members

·         Identify and support new marketing or public relations initiatives

Set specific goals for your volunteer efforts:

·         Grow professional network (most organizations have highly-influential board members and corporate partners)

·         Fill resume gaps with meaningful work

·         Develop or improve new skills

·         Secure current references

·         Secure a paid position at the organization

·         Improve your interpersonal skills and maintain your confidence

·         Benefit society!

As you volunteer be sure to continue with the job hunt, save portfolio friendly work and maintain a positive and confident outlook.   By showcasing your value and contributing to an organization’s success, you will gain experience, make valuable contacts and may even parlay your volunteer position into a paid fulltime spot! 


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