M.A. Professional Communication Expert Panel & Information Session

As a panelist at our June 19 event, I’m personally inviting you to join our June 19 6-8pm M.A. Professional Communication information session. If you are even slightly considering graduate school you should come! Admission is free, a light dinner will be served and should you choose to apply to our graduate program, the $50 graduate application fee is waived. Additionally, you can take a class or two w/out the graduate entrance exams. Upcoming courses include: Leadership & Teamwork, Professional Writing, Strategic PR Management and Technology & Integrated Communication. Click on this link to get more information and to check it out:



Enhance your marketability and communication skills with our comprehensive, dual-track curriculum that includes both Corporate & Strategic Communication and New Media & Professional Writing.   Prepare to navigate complex communication dynamics of the global marketplace with an array of dynamic, professional, integrated communication courses such as Integrated Communication, Strategic Public Relations Management and Writing for Digital Media.  Enjoy seminars and workshops presented by senior-level executives in media, government, corporate and non-profit industries in our Professional Seminar.

 Courses are taught by experienced faculty who have senior-level experience in global communication industries, major media networks and large, successful marketing and public relations firms.   PCOM faculty are widely published in a range of business and scholarly journals as well as a variety of integrated media platforms.   We utilize our vast network of executive contacts to help place students in meaningful practicum, internship and professional opportunities.

 Who Should Apply?

  • Recent graduates looking to develop a unique combination of communication skill sets in order to more successfully enter the workforce
  • Working professionals seeking advancement in business and communication fields including public relations management, integrated communication, corporate and strategic communication, news media and professional writing

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