Using a blog to get a job…and more tips for those on the hunt

Have you applied to dozens of jobs and received no call backs?   Assuming your resume is flawless (tips to get there are at the end of this article), here are some easy ways to get noticed and score an interview.

1. Create and maintain your own blog. This blog should have the purpose of positioning yourself as thought leader in your area of interest (fashion, crisis management, sports, corporate responsibility, etc.).  Use a clean and simple free blog template (like WordPress or Tumblr).    In addition to your articles and tips about topical interests, you can comment or analyze existing news or features (see my reference to the PR Daily link below for example).  Be sure to include an About Me and Resume page where you can include your professional biography, career goals/aspirations and your formal resume.   Feature your blog site link and content information on your resume as this is relevant experience that shows your capability in social media. 

2. Get published.  There are thousands of online news and blog sites looking for content.  The submission process for well-written articles is simple.  Be sure to read the sites to understand the writing style and format before you submit your article for consideration.  Include with your submission a short biography (under 25 words) and your blog link.

3.  Read, follow and engage with blogs, news sites, corporate sites, Twitter feeds and Linked-In groups in your professional interest areas.  Comment on interesting articles, repost links and be sure to use these sites to post your blog articles and videos.  Meaningful comments to blogs or articles of interest are appreciated by authors and may result in an ongoing dialogue that could turn into a professional lead or reference.

Utilizing the web to your advantage will make you help you develop credentials, networking contacts and confidence to land a great job.

Great tools to help you to produce an amazing online resume.  –  Just in time for the May hiring cycle.  

Here are my well-tested resume and cover samples and tips:

My ten tips to score your dream job:

Tips for how to write engaging blog posts:


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