Coordinator, Corporate Responsibility & Marketing Communication VIACOM

What a great job!   PR GRADS with AT LEAST 2 YEARS EXPERIENCE!  

For those taking my Corporate Social Responsibility course who are graduating in May….APPLY! 



Corporate Responsibility/Strategic Partnerships 
o Develop communication documents/grids to track status of projects and cross-divisional collaboration.  Generate reports/updates for stakeholders.
o Project manage the compilation of written and digital materials for the CSR report.
o Assist with the management of day-to-day operations of high-profile relationships with external non-profits, ad partners and foundations.   
o Provide regular partnership updates to all internal and external stakeholders. 
Editorial and Marketing
o Compose basic boilerplates for internal initiatives and FAQ documents for CSR areas of focus.  Maintain CSR factsheets and timelines.
o Assist with corporate and CSR presentations, including research, fact-checking and proofreading
o Draft letters for senior management
o Work to satisfy informational/interview requests, and other internal ad hoc requests
o Build powerpoint decks and develop presentation materials
o Work with CSR Communications team to develop press angles and timelines for promotional efforts
o Work on award submissions and timeline for applications
o Point of contact to gather and coordinate information from brands for newsletters and calendars etc.
o Manage Speaking and conference opportunities for Corporate Responsibility
Logistical Oversight
o Assist with logistics for quarterly VMC meetings, biannual VCRC conferences, Integrated Marketing Summits and all CSR events
o Assit with logistics for all Corporate events including but not limited to: Annual Meetings, Management Conference, Board Meetings/Events etc.
o Generate monthly updates to business units on CSR, and public affairs efforts
o Manage assets and deliverables for cross-divisional initiatives
o Manage the production process and deliverables for various media projects
o Manage Corporate Calendar  and generate weekly Executive Priority List
o Develop ad copy and work with creative services on ongoing projects 
Digital/Social Media
o Help facilitate marketing and Pro-Social content for Viacom’s upcoming blog launch and social media accounts. 
o Work with Digital/Social Media teams on promo plans to support company initiatives

o Manage social media grids and communityengagement.. 

Position will be responsible for a variety of project management, editorial and logistics activities to support the company’s internal and external CR collaboration and information sharing processes.  The position will be supervised by the Director of Communications and Strategic Partnerships for Corporate Responsibility. 

KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL REQUIREMENTS:  Two to five years of related (Public Relations/Event) experience.  Excellent writing skills and attention to detail required.  Excellent PC skills a must, with a strong interest in CSR, Marketing and Social Impact.  Person must be responsive to editing/critiquing of work and be flexible in the types and amount of writing assignments and inventory management projects given.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills as well as the flexibility to handle a variety of ad hoc assignments and requests.  Ability to manage everything from quarterly publications/communications to the more routine updating of “living” documents.  General comfort with efficiently using the internet and internet applications.  Deadline and detail oriented.  Needs to be able to work effectively with a highly professional, yet relaxed team on high-stakes, critical projects.

Two years minimum of public relations/event experience (including press releases/newsletters/industry events) – agency or corporate background. Ad Sales and agency experience a preferred but not required. 

 BA/BS in English, Marketing or other Liberal Arts or Communications


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