Don’t be bossy be inspiring

One of the biggest mistakes managers make is trying to be a “boss” rather then a coach, leader or mentor.   A strong manager knows that simply telling people what to do doesn’t instill the work-ethic, confidence, respect and loyalty that you want from your staff (better word…team).   Instead a strong manager should inspire and motivate employees.  Tips:

  • Take the time to ask how your colleague is doing and provide them with both positive and constructive feedback.
  • Explain their assignments in the greater context of the business.  
  • DON’T Say: “I need this report in an hour.”
  • DO Say: “I need you to complete this monitoring report within the hour.  It is an essential tool we use to show the client the value we are providing them and it is a great way for you to better understand the client’s business so you can take on more responsibility.”
  • Although you know that tasks like monitoring and reporting are expected standard tasks of junior employees, they still need to understand the importance of even the mundane seeming work to the team and the business. 
  • If their work needs improvement, don’t be mad at them.  Explain clearly what they did wrong and how they can make it better.
  • When they complete the task…acknowledge it with a thank you.  Junior employees thrive on feedback and praise. 

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