Don’t let a bad hand shake ruin your chances…

Do hand shakes really matter as part of an interview first impression???  YES!!  Here are a few things you should do to ensure your hand shake is a reflection of you…confident…poised and the ideal candidate for the job.

1.  You might be nervous…that’s ok.  When you arrive (a bit early…NEVER be late), nicely ask the receptionist or security guard to use the restroom before the interview.  Wash your hands with ice cold water.  No sweaty palms for you.

2. Don’t EVER, EVER give the limp handshake.  Men – it is insulting to a woman to extend just your fingers.  I promise…you won’t hurt your female interviewer with those strong fingers. 

3. Ladies…you are not princesses.  You are viable candidates for the job.  Shake hands like an adult…not someone expecting the interviewer to kiss your hand.            


4.  Here are the keys to a great hand shake 

  • Your thumbs and palms should connect with theirs 
  • The shake is firm (not knuckle breaking) 
  • Make direct eye contact 
  • Introduce yourself with a smile and your name
  • Let the interviewer know you appreciate their time


5.  You’ve made a great first impression!  Well done.

Check back soon to learn how ace the interview.


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